Hyderabad Eateries

Fridays are fun. Because Fridays, for me usually end with eating out, trying out new restaurants
and having dinner (with my hubby or with friends) over the latest juicy gossip . Every Friday we
try to check out a new restaurant we haven't been to before. Well, with so many in Hyderabad it
will be a while before all of them find a place in this blog. But who’s complaining...:) The more the merrier!

So here goes a compilation, along with our ratings, of some of the restaurants who had a
privilege to serve us...:)

Amogh                                 Siaa                                 The Square - Novotel   

                Sweet Nirvana                      Angeethi

Indi Joe’s                         Chutneys                                     Newscafe 

                   Oottupura                         Paradise - Hitec


Chili's                           Southern Spice                          Cinnamon Fusion

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