Hmmm…well they decided to open one of America’s famous joints in Hyderabad- good thinking, but they also decided to price the food and drinks in USD (converted to Rupees, of course)- bad thinking! I mean one burger for Rs. 300!!. But on the positive side, the food is good and the drinks are refreshing, and oh, this is one place where you can get soft drinks “unlimited” (bottomless drinks- a relief for teetotalers like me when with a bunch of beer guzzling friends….:) ). The portions are large for me and I usually end up overeating :).

I also came to know that they import their plates and beer glasses directly from US - now that’s called living up to your brand image…ha….I have been here a number of times and each time we order some new dish and I must tell you, the food has always been appealing. Some of the must-tries are Mushroom Jack Fajita, Cajun Chicken Salad, Chicken Quesadillas and you could end your meal with a yummy Cheesecake or a Molten Chocolate Cake, just like we did.

They keep introducing new dishes on the menu and it always turns out good!

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