Indi Joe’s

Another one of BJN’s creations, although I must say it does not share or even meet up to Angeethi’s quality. Not that it was bad; it wasn’t just as good as Angeethi. If you want to have a quiet and peaceful meal, perhaps you should go for breakfast or brunch. Lunchtime is highly noisy, usually packed with school kids or birthday parties- oh not becoz it is cheap, but becoz it is strategically located right inside The City Centre.-one of Hyderabad’s happening malls.  We reached the place at 12.30 but got a place to sit only by around 1.30 PM. (Thanks to the various shops around, we girls did not have a problem killing time, while the guys stood around waiting..:)). We had decided to go for a buffet but the spread was not tempting as all it featured was a variety of salads and desserts. Main course was almost over. The food was just average yet pricey. I will go for a 2.5/5


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1 comment:

  1. Mite not be so great, but its definitely an Indianised "Italian/Continental" menu that you would find there.. :)
    Hw cn it evn ocme near Angeethi, the ethnic dhaba??