The Square - Novotel

The Novotel brand tag does speak for the restaurant, but then so does the food and the ambience. The Square is one of the two restaurants at the Novotel Convention Centre in Kondapur, that is open to all. The other one is a Mexican restaurant named  La Cantina, which we haven't visited yet.

At The Square, you must not miss the buffet they serve, with a full-size spread spanning across Indian, Continental and Western cuisines. And the desserts section……ahh mouth watering…:) .There are live counters where they prepare rotis, Naans and even customize your noodles in front of you. We have been here a number of times, mostly on weekends, when they usually host different themed buffets (Like Chettinad or Caribbean Food Festivals) and not even once were we disappointed with the quality of the spread. I have not tried their A' la Carte, but I hear they are equally relishing.

They also have an outdoor seating facing the lawn and swimming pool, but I didn't quite enjoy that experience, thanks to a few mosquitoes that constantly bugged me! The staff is extremely courteous  and the service is flawless. One of my all time favorite diners in Hyderabad!

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  1. I would prefer the Novotel club than Square ;) But yes its an excellent dining place.