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While you travel, there may be those times (like on a plane, or in the beach) when a book can be your best travel partner. Here is a short list of some that were mine.

Although I never limit myself to a particular genre, I personally prefer a well written light reading, while I travel. I avoid intense books, that either take away my sight seeing time (I tend to sit with a book for an entire day, even forgetting meals..:))  or leave me too drained emotionally, to do any sightseeing. So these may not constitute my entire personal collection, but they are ones, that can rub that holiday spirit onto you, once you toss them into your travel bag...

Inscrutable Americans (by Anurag Mathur):- A hilarious novel about an Indian boy who goes to the US- his land of dreams. The story is all about how he reacts to the free-wheeling American lifestyle in his own ludicrous way. I was reminded a number of times of similar characters I encountered when I went to study abroad.  I was laughing from the beginning till the end, so perhaps this may not be something you should read, sitting beside some one who is sleeping!! But it is a great stress buster!

Three to Get Deadly (by Janet Evanovich):- I normally avoid mystery thrillers when travelling, as I tend to  but the author's ability to add humor to one, makes it a lighter read. A bounty hunter (who has to find the town's favourite ice cream seller who's gone missing), is the main character of the book. The reader follows her as she is tried to her wits' end by her mad sidekick and a new hair style that went awry, while hunting for clues that lead to the ice cream man.

Five Point Someone (by Chetan Bhagat):- The debut novel of a writer who I feel changed the Indian style of fiction writing. Written in plain, simple, sometimes Indianised English, this book is about what (not) to do in college. A funny tale, with some drama thrown in to add spice, this is one book you can stop reading when you want and then later on, pick up from where you left, without interrupting the flow.

The Da Vinci Code (by Dan Brown):- Now, I am sure most of you would have read this by now, or at the very least seen the movie. A thrilling, fast pacing tale that allows the reader to solve complex  puzzles and unearth hidden clues, along with the lanky professor, who is the protagonist of the Dan Brown series. I may not be technically right in categorizing this as a light read, but if you are on a fun trip to Paris, why not read the book and try to correlate it with the place's history and art, as I tried to do...;)

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