This may not be one of your three or five star hotels, but if you are craving to eat a sumptuous South Indian meal- varieties of dosa or idli- visit any of the numerous Chutneys outlets, that are spread all over the city. Most commendable for its consistency in taste, irrespective of which outlet you choose to visit. What I liked most (and usually order 2-3 bowls of), are the various types of chutneys they serve, ranging from simple coconut chutney to the groundnut-chickpea combo chutney, some of which I tried to recreate at home, but failed…:(. They also serve Steamed Dosa , which even a South Indian like me hadn't heard of before.


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  1. Nt a gr8 fan of South Indian food outlets--wud like to have those at home.. :)
    but after reading this, defi wont mind taking time out to hav our own SIian food from here..

  2. I Agree...Chutney's Chutney is worth trying..:)
    However I find it a little Overpriced...but ys, the taste is consistent..

  3. I too agree ... i always wished if i could peek in their kitchen just to see what that secret ingredient is which makes their chutneys so delicious :)