Puttu, Kappa meenu curry, Appam and Chicken stew, Beef Olathiyathu, Idiappam…hmmmmmmmm….I am back in God’s own country except that this ‘dining hall’ (that is what Oottupura means in Malayalam) is miles away from Kerala!. Once I set my foot into the restaurant, I felt completely at home. A place that offers you a taste of Kerala in a simple setting, with a wide variety of traditional food served at affordable prices- that is what makes Oottupura my favorite ‘Mallu’ restaurant in town.

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  1. ye...not much choice in mallu restaurants in te land of nawabs...

  2. Yup true we start looking for Mallu restaurants wherever we go.. :)

  3. The food is definitely yummm... and also we get to see malayali servers and people around which is not something we see quiet often in hyd ... also the seatings are made so simple giving a lil thattu kada effect :)