Incredible India

Being born and brought up outside India, I always used to wonder what was so fascinating about India that made my parents want to visit it every year (apart from the fact that they had their family there...:)). I personally disliked traveling to India because I feared both the mosquito bites that scarred my skin and the dogs (both stray and pets) that were commonly found in almost every street in India.

It took almost four years (my entire college life) to get adjusted to the Indian lifestyle. But in these four years and in the years beyond, I learnt a lot about this fascinating country which I am proud to call my homeland. Today it is no wonder to me, that this land, with its diverse culture and historical places is one of the most sought after destinations for citizens and tourists alike.

With my busy lifestyle, it may take more than one lifetime to cover all the important places in India. But, I am trying to make a good effort at exploring as much as possible of this vibrant and colorful nation.

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