Cinnamon Fusion

Living up to the name, the whiff of cinnamon in the air as soon as you enter the restaurant is very refreshing. They are on the third floor of the building opposite Cyber Gateway. S and I went there on a Friday evening after work not knowing exactly what we were up for. But boy did it turn out to be a good decision! The food was excellent and the ambience was great. I did get a bit confused in the beginning when I got a menu with no prices on it. It turned out to be a five course set menu with a veg or non-veg course option – 1 soup, 1 salad, entrée’s (choice of 4, you can opt for a platter instead), two main dishes to choose from, two desserts to choose from. Since we are such food lovers we wouldn’t wanna miss out on either the veg or the non-veg course. So we went for the obvious choice - one veg for me and a non-veg course for S.
Let me tell you, I am not a soup person. I just don’t like soup. The waiter insisted I try a small bowl atleast. So I tried. A cream of Mushroom soup, and I totally loved it.  If they could convert a non-soup lover like me then you could imagine it has to be that good. The same verdict for the non-veg Tom Yom soup that S had. It felt really fresh with a lot of fresh herbs. The soups raised our expectations right over the roof. Anything less than this from now on would not be entertainedJ. Next on the course was a Caesar salad. S had the non-veg with chicken and poor I had only leaves to eat. This was ok. It was a regular salad. Nothing out of the ordinary to write about. S felt it was a bit salty, but that depends on personal taste. Although it would have been better to leave the salt- adding part to us. Next, were the appetizer platters. After the soup experience, this was a mixed bag. The stuffed mushroom and papdi paneer stood up to the high expectations. The others were just alright. Next in line was my good’ol pal - Pizza, a thin crust four cheese pizza – a veg and a non-veg (chicken). Both the pizzas were great. The owner of the place, a young chap, came around to have a chat about our experience. He explained they import their cheeses from Europe and they are very particular about the ingredients they use. It was good to see him taking feedback from all the guests. It was a nice touch. The main course had two options for non veg – Grilled chicken or Basa fish. By this time we were so full, we started having doubts if we could go through the whole course. S chose the Basa fish with Hunan sauce, served with rice. My choice for veg – Penne Alfredo pasta. The fish was so soft. A definite YES. The pasta was creamy and good. S skipped the rice since he was already full and kept himself busy with the fish J. We are now entering the final round – Dessert – the round I love the most. Ahh… only two desserts to choose from – a choco lava cake, and a take on tiramisu - Cinnamissue. For both I must say, the verdict was a super Definite YES. I dipped a spoon in the choco lava cake and the chocolate just oozzzzeed out.  The Cinnamissue, although a small portion, had really creamy layers. Super like. We finished the full course on a high.
Overall, I loved the whole experience and I would definitely go back. Although I hope they do keep altering the set menu. Variety is the spice of lifeJ.
By the way, they also have a short eats section. Some of the entrée and a few more starters were on it. The price for the full course was reasonable – Rs 520 excl taxes.

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  1. Cudnt help licking the taste buds.. vn i came to te dessert part.. if i ever come to Hyd, tis place stands on a higher rating on must visit places.. :)