Chowmahalla Palace

This royal family house is situated at a walking distance from Charminar Fort and is a must-see for people who are interested in knowing how the rulers of Hyderabad once lived. It is an experience in itself! I, for one, surely felt that I was being transported to a totally different era- where richness and abundance was more of a way of life than just a sign of royalty!

The palace grounds span across around 12 acres and as the name suggests (Chowmahalla means Four Palaces), there are four palaces on these spacious grounds Here are some of the highlights of this historical structure, coming from some one who barely passed history in school....:)
- The entry fee was only Rs. 25 (you need to pay extra to tag a camera along).
- There are 2 courtyards- the southern one houses the 4 palaces and the palatial structure in northern courtyard, has an infinite set of doors, that open to a long corridor of rooms, which were mostly administrative offices and servants' quarters during the Nizam reign.
- What I loved the most was the regal Durbar Hall. Although the main hall is open to visitors, the area where the royal seat is placed is enclosed to disallow visitors from stepping onto it.
- The next thing that caught my eye is the array of vintage cars that were lined up for display. The Nizams definitely had an impeccable taste for automobiles- be it the Harley Davidson bikes or the Rolls Royce cars...
- Lastly, there is a room in the palace, where you are allowed to dress up in a Nizam's attire and have photographs taken by professionals. Most kids would love this and I could see a throng of excited kids queuing up in front of that particular hall.

A few snaps to capture the grandeur of this monument, though I couldnt click enough pictures to do due justice.



 To know more about this palace, here is the official link :-

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  1. After your account & the pics... cnt wait to see it.. :)