Bangalore/ Mysore

Bangalore or Bengaluru, the capital of the southern Indian State of Karnataka is often nicknamed India's Garden City due to its numerous gardens. Mysore, on the other hand,is notable for its beautiful palaces and is a tourist spot. The famous Brindavan garden is also in Mysore

For a metropolitan city, (and a heavily populated one I must say!), Bangalore is well planned, but the traffic is still unmanageable. One can expect to get caught in a heavy traffic for 2-3 hours easily. I havent spent a lot of time in the city of Mysore and so maynot not be the right person to comment on the city's infrastructure or traffic flow..:)

The first time I visited these cities was during my college days, when our class had planned a tour in the pretext of an Industrial Visit (IV). As part of our curriculum, we were supposed to visit a few IT companies to get acquainted with how these companies (or our future employers, as our professor referred them) work and Bangalore being a major hub for India's IT sector was our first choice. Well we did visit a few companies (like the Infosys campus in Mysore and another smaller firm, whose name i do not recall...:), in Bangalore), but what we did not quite mention in our port- visit reports, were the other sites and shopping streets we spent most of our time in. Most of my classmates would agree with me, that if IVs were so much fun, we should have had them in all our four years of college..:)

After college too, I had the opportunity to visit these beautiful cities a couple of times and thats when I made a few trips to the places in and around them and tried what Bangalore had to offer for my tastebuds.

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