Melbourne may be known globally as the capital of the state of Victoria, but locally, it is better (and very aptly) referred to as the Food Capital of Australia. No more incentive was required for foodies like us to explore the greatly diverse restaurants and cafes that dominate Melbourne's landscape. Melbourne living is quite an experience on its own- whether you choose to live in the main city area amongst all the hustle, bustle and crowd or you prefer the calmer and quieter suburbs. Of course, one of the unique features of Melbourne's CBD area is the frequent tram sightings. It is truly amazing to watch trams and vehicles use the same roads without any confusion or disruption (at least most of the time!).

I found Melbourne to be an interesting and lively place to live. With the population being so culturally diverse, the city is always celebrating some festival or the other, from across the world. Living in the city area, I never had one boring weekend- if the city was not in a festive mood with cultural fests or events, all we had to do was drive a couple of hours out of Melbourne to enjoy the rustic pleasures some of Melbourne's surrounding regions have to offer.

Of course, our exploration always focused on areas that promised of good food and drinks, but that is not to say there are not many attractions to admire in Melbourne.

With so many options to spoil both tourists and residents, I am not surprised to see Melbourne list among the top 10 Most Liveable cities in the world.

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