First impression? A cosmopolitan city with a silver lining of rustic culture. Sydney is a classical example of a global city- host to people from various origins, all who seem to gracefully balance their respective cultures and the Aussie way of living!

We visited Sydney in November, which is the last month for spring in the city, I was told. So the weather was pleasant- a little chilly around the harbor front....but mostly enjoyable. Various parts of the city are well connected and easily accessible through buses and the subway system. There is a lot to see in Sydney itself so hop on to one of the hop on/off bus tours and cover as many places as you can. Still i think you would need 2-3 days in Sydney to visit every place of interest. My favorites were strolling in Hyde park, walking along the harbor and visiting Opera House. The food is a mixture of cultures. You will find Asian, American, European and many more. Some of the places are such a hit that people stand in queues for as long as an hour to get a seat. We did wait for half an hour at one such place but it was worth the wait.

And oh, before I forget- if you plan to visit Sydney in November like us, a small piece of advice - for those of you who come from the warmer Asian regions, perhaps you should carry a jacket along, coz although its Spring in Sydney, it could be a bit chilly for you. Those from the colder regions of the planet, just let go of your winter wear and enjoy the cool breeze from the harbor!

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