When S announced our rather long trip to Sweden, I was a mixed bag of emotions. I was a bit skeptical about going back to a country where temperatures went below 0 Degrees, given my strife with the -10's and -20 degree Celsius's, a few years back. But the fun part was that I had never been to Europe, although I always dreamed of being to that side of the world. Especially with the Schengen Visa, i was excited to see other places in Europe too. 

Ok, coming back to Sweden, March has set in and the weather is just about getting better. The temperature varies from -5 to +5 °C. On some days, the sun likes to play a cruel joke by being all sunny and bright, thus enticing us to come out, only to find the Wind God blowing on you with full force.  Anyways, with the ice melting, my mood keeps improving by the day and I am looking forward to enjoying a warm and fun filled summer here, especially at the mighty Malmo Beach festival in May.

I find the Swedes to be extremely polite and warm people. Most of the ones I met enjoy some form of sport and lead an active and happy lifestyle, despite the harsh climate, which is quite inspiring. Infact, it is almost a taboo to complain about the bad weather.....They go by the saying- There is no such thing as bad weather, just clothing ....:)

I hope to cover some of the major attractions during my stay here and I shall keep you guys informed along the way as well.....;)

Some Interesting Facts about Sweden:-

->Sweden (or Sverige in Swedish) has a constitutional monarch, although the government is run by a democratic parliament. In other  words, it has a system similar to England. with the reigning King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf, acting as the Head of State.
-> Sweden is part of the 5 Nordic Countries, the others being Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway
->The capital city is Stockholm
-> Although most Swedes know English, the preferred language is Swedish.
-> Coffee to the Swedes is what Tea is to a typical Indian....It is a tradition (named Fika) here to bond over coffee and something sweet along with it.

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