Linköping is not exactly a metro city in the modern sense. It is more of a quiet, laid back town that still carries a medieval charm owing to its 700 year old history.  The two most well known places here are the Linköping Cathedral and the Linköping University. There are some other sights of interest as well, like the Museum, the locks of Göta and Kinda Canals and perhaps a few woodlands surrounded by more water bodies, where one can go camping or fishing, but since it is winter still these are inaccessible. As I walked along the cobbled streets that lead way from the Cathedral to the main Town Square (known as Stora Torget), I was surprised by the number of coffee shops, espresso bars and bistros that filled the square. The food and drink of these food joints are as rewarding as the rustic decor, which provides a welcoming relief from the cold outside. While most coffee shops offer classic Swedish refreshments like pies, cinnamon buns or cookies, there are a number of small restaurants that offer international cuisines. Some of my personal favorites are Ammos Cafe and Creperi, Coffee House by George and Yogi.

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