Orion- Residency Tower

This is one of the three dining halls in the Residency Tower- a five star hotel in Trivandrum. We (2 couples) accidently hit upon this place while searching for another restaurant where we knew we could have a quick bite - which incidentally was shifted to another place. We were on a double date, quick lunch spree before we rushed to take care of some errands. But we enjoyed the food so much so that the ‘quick’ lunch lasted for more than an hour!

The Orion had a fine dining seating arrangement and we found a few office goers having their informal lunch meetings there. The lunch buffet menu usually features Asian, especially Indian varieties. This time we were delighted to see an assortment of dishes served in a typical Kerala Christian home..- ranging from Kappa (tapioca) and Syrian beef fry to Chicken Biryani to Appam and Mutton stew. The beef was just rightly cooked and spiced- the flavors were nothing less than outstanding. Even the dessert section had some unique sweets to add to the ‘Kerala’ feel- have you heard of a tender coconut jelly elsewhere? I haven’t! Anyways…great food, excellent pricing, good service…. I must say, this is definitely a place tourists can safely visit to get a taste of good traditional Kerala food and be content with the quality of food.

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