The place is a huge relief from the frantic and stressed city life. A relatively cleaner state (when compared with the metros in India), where people from around the world are welcomed by locals who have a happy-go-lucky attitude and promote holidaying as a way of life.

Summer was at its peak in 2011. I was bored at work and with my monotonous life in general. That is when I decided to book the tickets to Goa! It was definitely the perfect getaway from the scorching Hyderabad sun. Once the tickets were booked, I started packing our bags for the trip- in went my sunscreen, shades, beach costumes and flowery hats. ‘Goa here we come!!!!!Yaaaaay!!’ was all I could think of till the plane landed at Panaji.

Three days were definitely not enough to explore all the beaches and visit all the places that served traditional Goan food. We had stayed at a resort in North Goa and so limited our visits to places in North Goa. We are definitely planning another vacation in Goa soon- this time to delve into South Goa. I had several different experiences in Goa:- when I stepped into the city from the airport, I felt like I was in Kerala. The ride from the airport to the hotel reminded me of the way from the Trivandrum airport to my house in Kerala- the beautiful coconut trees on either sides of the road, the humid climate and all of it; Once I reached the resort, it was like I was transported to an ancient Portuguese mansion- they may have left India but not before they left some awesome memories behind; Later meeting numerous Goans on the beaches, streets and restaurants made me proud to be part of an India that was home to such warm and hospitable people.

After a three day stay in Goa, I think my dream now is to retire in Goa with just enough money to open up a luxurious beach shack!!

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