Paris may have many nicknames- City of Lights (due to its breathtaking street lighting) or Capital of Fashion (being headquarters to some of the world's best haute couture fashion houses), of which the 'City of Love' caught my attention always. While I wanted to go to Paris, to get a feel of France, and enjoy the city's various tourist attractions, wine, dine etc.., I also wanted to go to quench my curiosity as to why Paris was called so.... Perhaps it was the calm, serene effect of the River Seine, or the looming presence of the Eiffel tower or maybe simply because we often associate French as the language of love and Paris is France's capital?? However, to my disappointment, we did not feel more 'in love' or romantic in Paris, than we felt anywhere else in the world? ..To me, Paris was just another cosmopolitan European city. That is not to say we did not enjoy our trip, nor that the city does not have a charm of its own....but for me personally, a city with its hustle and bustle can never  inspire romance than say a beach or an island...if you get the drift.....

The narrow but well lit streets (it is also called the City of Lights for a reason...:)), with pâtisseries (Pastry/ Sweet Shops) and bistros (small restaurants) in about every corner of the city, reminded us of Old City in Hyderabad. The well connected metro system which can be jam packed at peak hours with Parisians and tourists alike, reminded me of Downtown Toronto. So my conclusion is that the name might be part of a marketing technique, but it definitely works, going by the throng of people (including us) who didn't mind standing in long queues to get a glimpse, and to click pictures in front, outside, inside and wherever they could, of the Eiffel Tower or the Notre Dame or other sites that define this city!!!

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