Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame de Paris (Our Lady of Paris), one of the largest  and most famous cathedrals in the world, situated at a walking distance from the River Seine, has a spectacular architecture and a breathtaking interior. Initially built in the 12th century and since then known as the 'Parisian Church of the Kings of Europe', this church has witnessed the rise and fall of a large number of royal figures and prominent persons in history, many of whom were part of the church's construction, renovation or destruction. So it was indeed a privilege to visit such an important historical church, dedicated to Mother Mary. It was an Easter Sunday when we decided to visit this well known cathedral. So obviously the church was filled with not only the usual rush of tourists, but also a large crowd of believers who had come to attend the Easter Mass. In the process of touring the church, we too got the opportunity to attend a portion of the Mass presided by a number of bishops, which was an additional bonus.

The Gothic architecture, the numerous paintings and carvings that fill the ceilings and walls of the church and some important relics (a fragment of the Cross of Christ, one of the Holy nails and the Crown of thorns) are what make this church so special. I was particularly impressed by the magnitude of this church- by far the biggest I have visited so far....There was also this huge chandelier called the Crown of Lights which got my attention. We came out of the church, feeling at ease and with a golden coin which we bought as a souvenir from the church.

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