Bistro Cent' 8

This is a small bistro situated at the corner of Rue d'Alesia Street. It was open till late evenings, later than most other restaurants, so we had the chance to dine here a couple of times. The waitress was pleasant and helpful but spoke very little English and had a hard time explaining some dishes to us. So we decided to stick with the items we had heard of or were familiar with.

Some of the good old rustic French food that we tried our hands on included the Croque Madame (grilled ham and cheese sandwich served with poached egg on top), Collier d'agneau (Lamb neck with spices and sweet potatoes), Confit de Canard (a dish made of duck leg, rubbed with spices and cooked until tender) and Escalopes (thin tender boneless meat). My vote went to the sandwich- it was simple yet classic, while S loved the Duck Confit. S also tasted 2 wines- the Muscadet and Petit Chablis and was an instant fan of the Chablis. We loved the Creme Brulee (custard topped with hard caramel) and realized what we got in some shops in India was not the actual Creme Brulee. So much for authenticity! The food was not disappointing at all and the prices were very reasonable. This is definitely a place where one can simply come and have a peaceful dinner after a busy day schedule.

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