Linköping Cathedral

Measuring at 110 metres in length, this towering cathedral is one of the tallest structures in Linköping and its steeple can be seen from afar (a good point of direction if you get lost in the city). It is situated in the heart of Linköping, and the castle, museum and library were all built nearby, thus making the area look like a historical zone. I read that the construction of this enormous cathedral began in the 1230s and it took nearly 300 years to build this splendid place of worship. But the church is so well maintained, that if not for the Gothic architecture of the chapels and the ancient paintings, it would be almost impossible to believe this cathedral withstood 800 years of time.

There are a number of distinct structures and artwork that define this cathedral. Here are a few that picked my interest:-

The Tree of Life, a beautiful tree, made of gold, with nine different fruits hung from its several branches,  and a dove at the top. The tree depicts the 'Tree of Life' mentioned in the Bible.

The pulpit, used by the priest during the weekly Sunday mass. It is in the form of a spiral staircase, with its entire circumference covered with biblical images.


The Crucifix, a 14th century wooden cross, suspended from an arch. This is one of the oldest treasures of the Church and is quite impressive. 

The baptismal font, made of bronze and has images of Jesus, his disciples and Mother Mary.

Lastly, the paintings, the chapels and all the intricate artwork, that makes the cathedral a monument in itself.

You can feel a sense of calm and peace if you spend some time at the cathedral. It gives you a moment to sit and reflect. /if you are lucky enough, you may even get to listen to someone playing beautiful notes at the Organ or even watch a concert practice.

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