Barbeque Nation

So this one evening S began craving to grill some items and prepare dinner- his style. But since we did not have all the ingredients he wanted, we decided to buy them. However, in spite of scanning through various supermarkets, we didn't quite get what we were looking for. So we ended up having dinner at Barbeque Nation instead...:)

I was thrilled to find a live barbeque grill at the center of every table, so that we can baste the dishes with marinades and give it a final touch. In addition, the restaurant was decorated to suit the Sun and Sand Food Festival, it was celebrating that day. The ceiling was covered with fishermen's nets, the waiters were dressed in colorful shirts and the customers were given beach party caps to wear.

They had customised the buffet menu too,  to showcase a mix of beach cuisines from around the world. The  starters were unlimited, as usual, so we ended up eating countless portions of Coastal Barbeque Paneer, Cajun Mushroom, Shallow-fried Fish and Malaysian Shrimp. By the time we were done with the starters, I was almost full. But we could not pass on the opportunity of trying some of the Main Course dishes they had on board. While we were taking our sweet time to let the food we had settle down, before we attacked the next course, the hotel manager announced that the staff were about to dance to a traditional Konkani number. We did not expect such an entertaining and enthusiastic performance from the otherwise quiescent and reserved team. By the time the dance was over, the whole floor was enthralled!

For the main course, the Goan Lamb Vindaloo, Mangalorean Crab Curry were lip smacking. I could not wait to try the desserts- especially the Blue cheesecake and the Strawberry Cheesecake!


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