Being God’s own country [and being my hometown, if that contributed in any way…;) ], this city is believed to be one of the cleanest and well planned cities in India. Built over seven hills, Trivandrum (or Thiruvananthapuram, as the purists would like to call it) is definitely the perfect blend of ancient and modern architecture- with its numerous palaces, temples, churches and mosques, apart from its famous beaches. My first memories of this place were around the Trivandrum airport, which is where I used to land, when I used to travel from UAE to India during my summer holidays from school. Later, much to my delight, I got the opportunity to visit some of the famous tourist attractions in and around Trivandrum- thanks to those frequent, numerous, no-reason strikes we had in college!!  

Although there are a few luxury hotels, the highlights of this city are the various small time restaurants and road side eateries, that offer authentic Kerala food- both for vegetarians and non- vegetarians. Recently there has been an increase in the number of fast food joints- catering to the ever changing tastes of the city's youth.

Read on to know about what you must see and the places you should not miss, if you ever visit my home town!

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