Shanghumugham Beach

This beach is very near the Trivandrum Airport and is en route from the airport to the city. Another beautiful beach, though not as clean as Kovalam, this beach is characterized by white sand, laid-back waters and the sensuous sculpture of a mermaid or Jalakanyaka (in Malayalam) in a reclining position. There a number of small shops and tea stalls set up on the beach shore, where one can have bhajjis, ice creams and refreshing cool drinks, after a swim in the water. Just like Kovalam, one can reach this beach within an hour from the city bus stand. The (Airport) road, running parallel to the beach is well lit, making the beach easily accessible from the city- even during late evenings.

One particular incident to narrate my absent mindedness (blame it on the water’s calming effect) goes like this:- It’s a Friday-My roomies and I come back from office, have a quick dinner and then contemplate on what to do next; D says:- Let’s drive to Shanghumugham. L and I are excited- L mainly because of the prospect of eating her favorite snack- Mirchi Bajji (an Indian version of Chilli fritters); anyways we hit the road and D, being the most careful among the three, asks us if we have money (she meant CASH but used the word ‘money’) on us, the carefree me confirms that I do and the journey resumes. We reach the beach and order for some bajjis. It was pay time and here I produce my ATM card… And boy- the look on the bajji-lady’s face!! Till that very moment it didn’t dawn to me that I do not have CASH to pay her, though I knew very well that they do not accept other fancy modes of payment. My roomies took over the glare and I was like OMG I don’t have cash (with a sheepish grin)..Well we ended up counting the loose change we had, plus the coins D kept in the car and God Bless- we had the exact amount that was needed (10 rupees that is), but that bajji-lady’s look- its unforgettable till date. 

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