Let me start with this disclaimer - My view of this place and the hotels we stayed in Shimla could be a little biased, as this was our honeymoon trip and so was special anyways! Having said that, one must agree that Shimla is a place where one can see nature display its beauty in true rustic form. There are definitely a number of places to visit in and around Shimla, including tourist places and picnic spots, but we could not cover many of them in our three-day trip.

Shimla is the capital city of the state of Himachal Pradesh and is more famously known as the ‘Queen of Hills’ because of its strategic location in the north-western range of the Himalayas. Awesome, breath taking natural beauty, buildings styled in Semi-Gothic architecture and cool, breezy summers are the best adjectives to define this place. I found the Shimla'ites to be very warm, friendly and helpful. Although the place we stayed was in the midst of mountains, valleys and trees, the main town area is filled with a hustling crowd of tourists and locals, not to forget the numerous shops that sell beautiful shawls and souvenirs

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